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Grit Size : This will help insure the best cutting action and the best overall life.


EUROGRIND SUPERABRASIVES has been founded on the determination to make a conspicuous commitment to serve high-quality Diamond And CBN tools. Established in the year 1984 in Aurangabad. Our team includes First Generation  Experienced Knowledge and Second Generation passion, added with new technology and advanced machinery, we assure our product quality which satisfies customer needs.

Our QC system starts at the raw materials and involves also checking components and finished products. We use a management philosophy that combines technology, creativity, and reliability to better serve you.

Uncompromising quality and high manufacturing standards for making Diamond and CBN Tools is something Eurogrind Superabrasives passionately believes in. Moreover, it distinguishes itself as offering unique and innovative customized solutions for our clients and due to this pride we deliver Diamond and CBN tools with the highest customer satisfaction


In Excel vorgesehen

In Produktion gehen für Diamond - Cbn Räder und Werkzeuge, die die Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Lösungen am besten verstehen und bereitstellen, die den Kunden die höchste Qualität von Produkten ermöglichen und umwandeln


„Konzentriert sich darauf, die Bedürfnisse von heute voranzutreiben. die Trends von morgen vorwegnehmen. “



Eurogrind Superabrasives definiert seinen Ruf, wobei jeder Kunde stets bestrebt ist, Standards für hohe Qualität des Kundenservice und Produktzufriedenheit zu setzen.

Wir werden sicherstellen, dass jeder einzelne Kunde umfassende technische Unterstützung und Anleitung erhält, die der Kunde verdient, während er daran arbeitet, ein Höchstmaß an Ergebnissen zu erzielen. Wir versichern für unerschütterliches Engagement für Ehrlichkeit, Transparenz und Innovation.

Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company.


Customer commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customer's lives.


We don’t just talk about quality. It is ingrained in our daily operations. We have carefully developed our processes and procedures to ensure top-quality products are delivered time and time again.


We realize that every person, product and business has unique needs and doesn’t necessarily work in a one-size-fits all manufacturing model. That’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and tackle all challenges for mutually beneficial outcomes.


The foundation of our business is built on honesty, fairness and striving to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. By partnering with like-minded clients, we are continually driven to make the right decision.

A will to win

"We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspects of our business."

We offer our expertise to help to create the perfect customization for your business.

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We Manufacture a wide range of Superabrasives Products. With Proven bonds suitable for different applications. We offer unique and innovative customized solutions for Our clients and due to this we deliver Diamond and CBN tools with the highest customer satisfaction

Address    -   J-14, MIDC ,Chikhalthana,

                       Aurangabad -431006 MH


Phone       -    +91 9823757479 , +91 9049526868

Email id     -

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