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resin bonded diamond grinding wheel

Effective Flute Grinding

Diamond & CBN Superabrasives Wheels

Eurogrind Superabrasives, Manufacture a wide range of Superabrasives wheels. With Different standard / nonstandard shapes and sizes, with different bonds which provide suitable grinding satisfaction for the application. We almost maintain 40 standard bond systems which cover almost all applications.

carbide tool diamond grinding wheel
hybrid bond diamond wheel
metal bond wheels
High precision carbide cutting tool grinding by CNC automatic grinding machine, High accur

Resin Bond Diamond & CBN wheels

Resin Bond Diamond Wheels are used for a maximum performance which reduces production time and increases profits. Using resin bond diamond grinding wheels leads to diminished grinding force, less heat caused by grinding, good self-sharpening, high efficiency, and higher-finish quality. Diamond wheels are used to cut, finish grind, semi-finish grind, sharpen, and polish.

Hybrid Bond Diamond & CBN wheels

Hybrid bond diamond and CBN grinding wheels are mainly used in the cutting tool industry, they are used for fluting, gashing, and clearance operations with extremely high stock removal, long dressing interval, low grinding force, excellent shape retention.

Metal Bond Diamond & CBN wheels

Utilizing metal bonds results in a product that holds its shape longer than any other bond system during use. By applying CBN or Diamond powders to the metal bond, wheel life and form holding characteristics are enhanced. Metallic bond grinding wheels perform exceptionally well for extended periods.

Vitrified Bond Diamond & CBN wheels

Vitrified Bond is a kind of material that has high bonding ability. Bond usually has high strength and good heat resistance, and also has good ground ability. The finish of the bond is good and the fillers are economical and the grinding efficiency is high.

We offer unique and innovative customized solutions for Our clients

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We Manufacture a wide range of Superabrasives Products. With Proven bonds suitable for different applications. We offer unique and innovative customized solutions for Our clients and due to this we deliver Diamond and CBN tools with the highest customer satisfaction

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